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Our News and Updates section is a vital source of information and communication for the HK International School community. We are committed to keeping our students, parents, faculty, alumni, and the broader public informed about the latest developments, events, and achievements at our school. Here’s how we deliver news and updates:

School Website: Our school website features a dedicated News and Updates section where we publish articles, announcements, and event details. Visitors can easily access the latest information by navigating to this section.

Newsletters: We regularly send out newsletters to students, parents, and alumni via email. These newsletters include highlights of recent events, hong kong international school important announcements, and articles on various school-related topics.

Social Media: We maintain active social media profiles on platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. We use these channels to share news, updates, event photos, and engage with our online community.

Email Alerts: Our email system sends out alerts and notifications for time-sensitive information, including school closures, emergency updates, and event reminders.

School App: We have a school app that provides users with real-time news and event updates. Users can customize their preferences to receive notifications on the topics that interest them most.

Event Calendar: Our website features an event calendar that lists upcoming school events, meetings, and important dates. Users can access event details and add them to their personal calendars.

Blogs and Articles: We feature blog posts and articles written by students, faculty, and alumni on various topics of interest. These pieces offer insights, perspectives, and stories related to our school community.

Press Releases: We issue press releases to local and international media outlets to share major school news, achievements, and milestones.

Video Updates: We may produce video content, including video newsletters and event highlights, to provide a dynamic and engaging way to share updates with our community.

Alumni News: Our alumni network receives dedicated newsletters and updates about alumni achievements, reunions, and events.

We are dedicated to maintaining open and transparent communication through our News and Updates channels, ensuring that our school community remains informed, engaged, and connected. Whether it’s a notable achievement by a student, an announcement about an upcoming event, or a message from our school leadership, our News and Updates section is the go-to source for the latest information.”

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